Webinar: Are you using Knowledge Management to the Fullest?

Knowledge management ensures important information flows freely to IT department and internal customers throughout the entire organization. Utilizing Knowledge Management properly helps identify common problems and issues to prevent future redundant incidents. The ServiceNow Knowledge Base application provides role-based tools to create, store and publish this important information, while providing tools for all users to find and view details on common inquries.

In this webinar, ServiceNow experts Mike Malcangio and Kevin Mitts will discuss the benefits of ServiceNow Knowledge Management, including how to leverage it for ROI. You will learn about how ServiceNow uses Knowledge Management internally to promote self-service and reports on usage. The conversation will also include a road map for the future of Knowledge Management. Join us to learn more about:
  • How ServiceNow customers have customized their Knowledge Management applications
  • Best practices for how to use and configure Knowledge Management reporting
  • Processes for creating Knowledge Management workflows
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