An ITIL Guide That Is Not Boring

Your pain-free guide to ITIL

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Learning ITIL is not easy. If memorizing ITIL terminology has made you either:

  1. Comatose
  2. Caffeine addicted
  3. Repeatedly Google the term “coping strategies”

… Then clearly, you have not read our ITIL eBook series. This series will help you learn ITIL in a way that is actually (gasp!) fun.

You’ll learn all about the five stages of ITIL and get:

  • A deeper understanding of what ITIL is and why it’s so important to keep everything running at work
  • Translations of ITIL terms (the digestible kind) to put you on the path to get ITIL certified
  • Useful diagrams and processes to facilitate the smooth and efficient delivery of IT services

What are you waiting for? Dive in!


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