Foundation for Integrated Risk Management Success

Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Time: 4 pm -5 pm ET

5 Pass Journey for organizations to set the foundation for Integrated Risk Management success

Hear first-hand from leading Life Sciences firm, Alcon regarding their journey toward truly integrated risk management with ServiceNow IRM and Vendor Risk Management. Alcon teamed with the professional services firm Edgile to create a comprehensive risk framework and risk register addressing IT Risk. Harmonized laws and regulations were aligned with the risks, controls, and policies to provide management with greater insight into current risk and compliance initiatives.

The audience will benefit from hearing how management leverages ServiceNow to assess their vendors, manage compliance of their IT environment, track issues and remediations, and more.

Join us to hear lessons learned on implementing Edgile’s 5-Pass Approach and what’s next on the roadmap.

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