From Zero to Hero – How to Get Started with GenAI in Customer Service

Date: Tuesday, 11 June 2024
Time: 2 pm – 3 pm CEST

Do you know that Generative AI is critical for your customer service strategy but don't know how to get started on this journey? Tune in for a discussion between SAP, Accenture and ServiceNow experts about the main traps and quick wins while starting your Generative AI projects. We are going to be very pragmatic about Generative AI in customer service and give you guidance on how to become a Generative AI hero in your Customer Service Organization.

What you can expect:

  • Human – Factor Integration in GenAI Transformations: Learn the art of inclusive transformation by bringing customers and agents together on the journey responsibly The Power of Prompt Engineering: Delve into prompt engineering's pivotal role in crafting human language automation, observing the transition of process owners from guiding agents to instructing AI for consistent service quality
  • Process Evolution: Discover how organizations and processes must evolve to harness GenAI's capabilities effectively within the ServiceNow ecosystem
  • LLM Performance and Reliability Management: Gain insights into managing Large Language Models (LLMs) for optimal performance and reliability
  • Security and Confidentiality in AI Deployment: Learn to navigate the complexities of data security, GDPR compliance, and obtaining necessary approvals for responsible AI deployment when leveraging LLMs in customer service operations

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on your journey from zero to hero in the realm of GenAI on ServiceNow. Reserve your spot now!

Dr. Michèle Weynandt, IT Project Expert, SAP
Alexander Herttrich, Principal Director, Accenture
Maciej Czerwinski, Senior Director, Solution Sales – Customer Workflows, ServiceNow

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