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Announcing Lightstep Unified Query Language

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Announcing the Lightstep Unified Query Language. With Lightstep UQL (unified query language), businesses will be able to use observability-as-code to create Kubernetes applications that are fully observable from the start, allowing for deeper consistency, maintainability, and reproducibility across cloud-native architectures Observability-as-Code isn't just about instrumentation or queries, but managing the end-to-end pipeline of instrumentation, to definition, to management of outputs. Proactively enforce best practices around consistency, maintainability, and reproducibility.

This update opens up new possibilities for organizations leveraging infrastructure-as-code, or our public APIs to get things done, including managing all of your dashboarding, alerting (including snoozing), and customizations built on top of the Lightstep Platform.

Hear from Danica Shei, Lightstep Group Product Manager who will walk you through all the exciting new changes, and how you can leverage them in your organization.

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