On-Demand Webinar

Transform your troubleshooting journey with Lightstep

Lightstep Notebooks addresses the needs that arise throughout the course of a team’s troubleshooting journey by providing granular, context-specific data and facilitating the ability to collaborate to resolve issues in real-time.

Hear from Rakesh Patel, Senior Staff Product Manager, and Andrew Gardner, Product Marketer from Lightstep, about how your organization can fully take advantage of these new features to run ad-hoc queries while investigating an incident allowing any developer, operator, or SRE to see which parts of the system are correlated and how they are related - in context.

  • Reduce MTTR by generating telemetry-agnostic insights via unified querying capabilities, powerful visualizations, and automatic correlations.
  • Improve your postmortems with granular, context-specific data
  • From a Notebook, you can easily see supporting evidence for a correlation and understand how your SLIs have deviated for each correlation to then share and collaborate across teams.

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